Josh is the CEO at AccuBuild IT, LLC guiding construction companies from operational challenges to solutions. He is dedicated to creating a positive experience for everyone who interacts with AccuBuild.

Pursuing a love of computers that started when he was 16, Josh studied advancing technologies for large computer network infrastructures. He became proficient in computer software/hardware technologies, high-end accounting software, and document imaging software. After a successful IT consulting career, he turned his attention to the family business and invested his technology experience and marketing savvy in AccuBuild founded by his father Mike Stearns, Sr..

Initially brought on board to start an IT division and then moving into the sales and marketing, Josh has firsthand experience in all aspects of AccuBuild. He is deeply involved in the design, development, and implementation of the company’s products and cloud-based infrastructure.

With Josh’s leadership and a remarkable team of Builders, AccuBuild is actualizing its vision of becoming the industry leader in automated solutions for collecting, integrating, and analyzing construction data.

When not at AccuBuild, Josh spends his time with his wife and four children reading, working out, and doing homework. They are active members of their church and are involved in various local and international outreach programs.



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