A to B

Every organizational problem, whether it be a job costing issue or payroll concern, is waiting for a solution. We call the problem "A" and the solution "B". Let AccuBuild's Construction Management Solution Software take you from A to B. After all, it's our number one priority!

One System

One seamless experience. One system. One software and service solution. One plan and provider of customization. One team. With one vision. We provide your business with a solution that isn't an "out of the box" piece of software that requires constant additions, resulting in a "patchwork" non-solution.

One Solution

We support the needs of Executives, Accounting Staff, Project Managers, and Field Staff. Our tailored solutions help general and specialty contractors gain competitive advantage, as well as make faster and better decisions.

Not sure if AccuBuild is a fit for your company?

No problem! AccuBuild will never sell you a solution that isn't right for your company. In fact, we will recommend another system if it means a better solution for you!


AccuBuild Features

With A|B mobile and cloud services, You can access AccuBuild from anywhere, anytime!

Add A|B TimeClock feature to automatically and accurately track time of every person in the field.

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